Customisation Options

Pretty much every single item of TinyFibres clothing is customisable in some way.

Lots of options that make a big difference to the overall look and fit cost absolutely nothing extra, including...

-Adding length or making things shorter. If you need an extra inch or two in the leg of your trousers or dungarees or like your dresses or tops longer or shorter just leave a note at checkout to ask for this.

-Changing detail on pockets. If the item you're ordering has a pocket on the front this can be detailed in a few different ways. From patches to rainbow stripes and edges, any item can have any finish on it. Having no detail at all is also an option. Just leave a note at checkout!

-Changing fabrics. Wether it's wanting something corduroy made in denim or something dinosaur made in stars, even if the exact style isn't on the website in your preferred fabric doesn't mean it can't be made, it almost definitely can. Feel free to get in touch with any new style ideas!

-Fastenings. There are a few different options for fastenings on dungarees and dresses. The straps can fasten straight onto the bib (Bee dungarees show this), have poppers (many items show this) or have tie straps (navy star dresses show this). Again, any item can have any fastening style...just leave a note at checkout.

-Fit & Style. Corduroy and denim dungarees and dresses can be made in two different styles, with either a full or open back. The open back style is more fitted/cinched in at the waist.