Kids Waterproofarees.

Kids Waterproofarees.

£30.00 - £40.00

These can be made from any of TinyFibres softshell fabric designs which can be found in the ‘fabrics’ section of the website.

Softshell is a lightweight waterproof fabric with a short pile fleece backing. It’s absolutely fine to use alone but a lining can be added for extra warmth. This option can be found in the ‘add on items’ section of the website.

The straps are made from elastic for super quick changing into and out of!

All TinyFibres clothing is handmade to order with a lot of love and care.

Kids Waterproofarees. Image 2
Adults Waterproofarees
Adults Softshell Bodywarmer
Adults Softshell Jacket
Kids Softshell Puddlesuit
£40.00 - £44.00
Kids Softshell Jacket
£30.00 - £40.00
Kids Softshell Coat
£30.00 - £40.00
Kids Bodywarmer
£26.00 - £36.00
Adults Softshell Puddlesuit
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