Men’s Zip Up Hoody

Men’s Zip Up Hoody

£5.00 - £79.00

Create your own!

Choose any outer fabric from the TinyFibres range (plain or patterned) then choose to have it lined in either jersey or super fluffy fleece. Leave a note at checkout with your choices. If anything is currently unavailable when I get to your order I will contact you to discuss alternatives.

Take your pick from hidden inseam pockets or moon shaped pockets lined with a contrasting fabric. Then finish off with a zip of any colour you like! Hood cords are also an option and available in most colours.

The hood can be regular or pixie style.

All custom options are the same price, apart from thumbhole cuffs, if you’d like these just add them using the ‘add on items’ section of the website.

Kids Cosy Hoody
£24.00 - £30.00
Adults Kangaroo Pocket Hoody
The Hoody Dress
Adults Basic Zip Hoody
Kids Squish Jumper
£20.00 - £28.00
Adults Fully Lined Jersey Jumper
Kids Fleecey Hoody
£22.00 - £30.00
Kids Fleece Jumper
£20.00 - £28.00
Adults Hoody With Thumbhole Cuffs
Kids Zip Up Hoody
£28.00 - £40.00
Adults Customisable Zip Hoody
Oversized Grandad Cardigan
£50.00 - £55.00
Adults Squish Jumper With Thumbhole Cuffs
£50.00 - £53.00
Rainbow Dragon Fleece Zip Hoody
£50.00 - £55.00
Children’s Patchwork Zip Up Corduroy Bomber Jacket
£4.00 - £40.00
Adults Slouchy Squish Jumper
£45.00 - £48.00
Adults Patchwork Rainbow Bomber Jacket - Fully Lined Version
£5.00 - £80.00
Children's Patchwork Rainbow Bomber Jacket - Fully Lined Version
£4.00 - £40.00
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