Rainbow Fluffy Stuff - Ages 0-5 Years

Rainbow Fluffy Stuff - Ages 0-5 Years

£5.00 - £36.00 — Sold out

Rainbow fluff is back!

You can choose from 4 basic items...

Joggers (these are the newest addition to the fluffy stuff range and are in the same style as my other cuffed joggers)

In the drop down size menu you will find all of the style and size options available (please confirm exact size by leaving a note at checkout).

Items can be customised with any colour for cuffs and linings by leaving a note at checkout for no extra charge.

Further customisation options such as zips, full lining and pockets can be done by adding them on from the ‘add on items’ section of the website.

If you choose a hooded item please don’t forget to also leave a note to say if you’d like it to be regular or pixie style. Onesies can also be made with no hood, again just let me know when ordering if this is what you’d like. 🌈

Rainbow Fluffy Stuff - Ages 0-5 Years  Image 2
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Rainbow Fluffy Stuff - Adults
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