Rainbow Washable Reusable Wipes (10 Pack)

Rainbow Washable Reusable Wipes (10 Pack)


TinyFibres washable wipes are backed in soft and absorbent terry towelling.

They can be used on anything from hands and faces to wiping surfaces and mirrors. Also great for nappy changes to use alongside cloth nappies.

Each set will usually include atleast one wipe backed in towelling fabric in each colour of the rainbow 🌈 This helps to use up scraps of fabric too so yet more waste saved from ending up in landfill.

These will be made alongside clothing orders so won’t be on the same long turnaround time as other orders...you won’t have to wait too long!

Help save the planet in rainbow style.

Rainbow Washable Reusable Wipes (10 Pack) Image 2
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