Sizing & Measurements

Here are TinyFibres size charts for custom clothing. 

  1. All TinyFibres clothes are handmade to order using these size charts. 

    As long as you measure yourself or your child accurately your clothes should be a perfect fit. 

    All items can be customised to be upto 2" longer or shorter for no extra charge.

    You can also request to have items made in blended sizes for no extra charge. eg. A dress made as a size U.K 12 top and U.K 14 bottom or a childs pair of trousers as an age 7 length with an age 5 waist etc.

    Any item can be made to measure in size YOU!

    Items will have standard lengths written in their descriptions. If no extra notes are left when ordered items will be made as standard sizes and lengthsTinyFibres Kids Size Chart-1TinyFibres Mens size Chart 3-1TinyFibres Adult Size Chart 3-1TinyFibres Baby size chart-1